Have you noticed how most Résumé Writing Services don't show their prices on the front page of their website?  

Or when they say "services" from...... $29, $49, $99, $250, $350 or $599 +?    
Or  they "guarantee" you a Job or Job interview? 
Do you believe their bull@$h#t?  

Be warned, there are many Résumé Sharks that will try and sell you some of their sales bull@h#t before they hit you with their over pricing, inexperienced, out of touch, purple circle less, slow and often ineffective, LOCKED PDF FILE ONLY SERVICE (Many Résumé Writers and their and/or pay "upfront" service, DO NOT supply your finished Résumé and Cover Letter in Microsoft Word format for your own future editing. 

FIFO STAFF is a Click Bait, Scam &  Bull@$h#t  Free Zone!
Unlike some of the Résumé Sharks & Con Artists in Australia. FiFO STAFF can't, won't and don't "promise" you a Job or Job Interview, but, we can promise you that we will put a lot of brainpower, real world practical experience and key words into engineering and wordsmithing your Résumé and Cover Letter with the sole mission of bringing our vast experience and resources to help you put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd! - That's the Truth!  

$195 Résumé includes BONUS Cover Letter both supplied in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats UNLOCKED FILES! ​

100% Online Service or Perth Face 2 Face Meeting. 
You Choose!


There is a huge amount of world class free advice and Résumé tips available online to help you shape and craft your Résumé or CV. What one website or “Professional Resume Writer, ” says or claims will often conflict with another, it becomes difficult to separate good advice from bad advice.  
FIFO STAFF have free advice available for you to read and/or download:
on our Tips & Legal Tricks  & Job Search Toolbox pages of this website.

"Caveat the Implementor of our advice"
FIFO STAFF are but one of many hundreds of Thousands of Résumé Writers Worldwide hence all information provided by FIFO STAFF is our option only and you should seek your own appropriate counsel regarding what is the most suitable actions for you to take, or not take, regarding your unique personal situation.
How much is your next Job worth? A tad more than $195
Why wait any longer to get some professional help,
every day you wait could be costing you money!

This is where FIFO STAFF can help you!
FIFO STAFF - No Horse or Bull@h#t 
You Choose to Buy Now or Payment On Delivery!
Payment up front is 100% Optional! 

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