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 $195 Résumé with BONUS Cover Letter supplied in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.

 FiFO STAFF offers a 100% Online Service or Perth Face 2 Face Meeting - Same Price $195.00

 Not just FIFO Mining, Offshore, Marine, LNG, Oil & Gas & Construction but much much more!

 Often when an employer or recruiter posts a job advertisement online they receive hundreds of Résumés or CV’s in response. Experience and statistics tell us they normally spend between 6 & 60 seconds reading each application on the initial cull. Is YOUR Résumé or CV in or out?

 The key to an effective Résumé or CV is knowing what to include and what not to include to ensure YOU stand out from the crowd. This is about content rather than format! Ie: Key Words!

 There is a huge amount of free advice and tips available online to help you shape and craft your Résumé or CV. Sadly, what one site or “professional, ” says will often conflict with another and it becomes difficult to separate good advice from bad. That is where FiFO STAFF can help.

 Have you noticed how some Résumé Writing Services don't show their prices on the front page of their website?  or "guarantee" you a Job or Job interview?

 Do you believe their bull@h#t? - Or they say from $29, $49, $99, $250, $350 or $599++?  That's because they want to try and sell you some of their sales bull@h#t before they hit you with their useless, out of date, slack, ineffective and/or pay "upfront" service! 

 Unlike some of the Résumé Sharks & Con Artists in  Australia. FiFO STAFF can't and don't "promise" you a Job or Job Interview, but, we can promise we will put a lot of experience
brain power, effort and key words into your Résumé which will help you put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd! - That's the Truth!  

How much is your next Job worth? A tad more than $195? Why wait any longer to get professional help! Every day you wait could be costing you money! 

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FiFO STAFF offers a 100% Online service
or Perth Face 2 Face Meeting - Same Price $195.00
As the old saying goes,  You only get one chance at a first impression!

A TARGETED CV or Résumé can dramatically
increase the number of 
call backs and interview invitations you receive.

 Interview Tips from FIFO STAFF

  1. Be on time! Arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time
  2. Listen, Listen and Listen some more! 
  3. Answer questions on target, stay on task don’t ramble or drift off subject
  4. During the interview, be authentic. engage and maintain eye contact as much as possible
  5. Your attire should reflect the position you aspire to.
  6. Don't view the interview as an interrogation, view it as you are talking professionally with a colleague 
  7. Adopt a positive approach and use positve language. Do not bad mouth previous employers
  8. Impress with your presence and interpersonal skills
  9. Demonstrate your appropiate skills, qualifications for the role and knowledge of the industry
  10. Emphasize why you specifically have the skills and abilities that make you, in particular, the right candidate for the opportunity.
  11. Express your interest and commitment by asking questions about the role, contract, tender or company and area of responsibility.
Most employers and recruiters
decide between six(6) and sixty(60)
seconds into reading your
Cover Letter or CV,  Résumé
if they will continue to invest
time and
MOVE ON, hit the delete key,
86 it or File 13 it in
the recycling or trash.

How much is your next Job worth?

 A tad more than $195? 
Why wait any longer to get professional help!

FiFO STAFF, often copied, never beaten!
FiFO STAFF present your professional skills, experience and
personal attributes in a clean and concise Résumé/CV and
Cover Letter. 

There is no substitute for real experience!