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The Difference Between a Résumé and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
In Australia, New Zealand and many others countries there is no recognised difference between a Résumé and a Curriculum vitae (CV). They are as interchangeable as the words Potato & Spud, Girl & Sheila, Docket & Receipt. In some countries like the USA and Canada a Résumé and a Curriculum vitae (CV) are not always interchangeable. The considered difference between a Résumé and a Curriculum vitae (CV) in these countries is the level of detail and length. The Curriculum vitae (CV) is considered to be a more detailed and longer document than a Résumé.

Fun Facts: The word Résumé comes from the French language meaning "summary".  Leonardo da Vinci is credited with writing the world’s first Résumé in his “letter” written to a potential employer. Est Circa 1481.. The word/s  Curriculum vitae are of Latin origin which can be loosely translated as meaning for “the course of your life”. A Curriculum vitae is considered to be  “a short account of one's career and qualifications” – in other words, a Résumé.  
If you want a Professional Résumé for FIFO, Bush or City based ​Jobs.

Have you noticed how some Résumé Writing Services don't show their prices on the front page of their website? 

Or from $29 or $50, $250, $350, $850++? ​That's because they want to try and sell you some of their bull@h#t before they hit you with their overpricing, out of date, slack, ineffective or pay upfront service! 

​​You get what you pay for in life, if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys and maybe an average Résumé. It is never too early or late for a Résumé that really works!  FIFO STAFF. Phone: 0497 646 685

Step 1 = Free Résumé Review. Give us a call  0497 646 685 or simply email your existing Résumé to  cv@fifostaff.com and one of our Résumé writers will review your Résumé and confirm if we can add value and improve your Résumé. About 5% of the time we will advise you that your Résumé is already above average and further advise you that spending money to improve it is not money well spent.

Step 2 = Confirm you wish to proceed. Pricing is simple just $95 for your new Résumé including a BONUS Cover Letter supplied in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats. You choose, either book a Perth Face 2 Face meeting or 100% Online via email. After work, evening and weekend appointments available.

Step 3 = Additional Information. We will ask you some questions that help us “Target” your new Résumé to a specific job or roles that you are applying for.

Step 4 = Review Your Résumé Draft. Face 2 Face, while you wait or via email normally the same day or within 24 hours for email service, we’ll write and send you the first draft of your new Résumé in Adobe PDF format for your Review and Comment. About 93% of the time, this draft version is on target and accepted by our clients as complete. Otherwise, let us know what changes need to be made, either on the spot, by email or phone and then we will make the changes and email you a second draft of your new Résumé for your review and comment. Once you are happy with the 2nd draft (or more if required) you simply confirm that you are happy and then we send you your new Résumé in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats with your BONUS Cover Letter.


Step 5 = Make Payment. Unlike almost all other so called "Leading"  Résumé Services we do not ask for any payment upfront. We wait until we know you are 100% happy with your new completely finished Résumé. That is one of many FIFO STAFF advantages!

You can start applying for Jobs and winning interviews using your new Résumé normally the same day or with 24 or 48 hours of first contacting FIFO STAFF. Don't wait any longer, get serious and professional today about your Job Hunting and contact FIFO STAFF.
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Accounting & Finance
Advanced Rigger
Advanced Scaffolder
Aluminium casting
Aluminium smelting 
Articulated Dump Truck Operator
Business Development
Civil Construction 
Crane Operator 

Dozer Operator
Dump Truck Operator
Energy production
EWP Operator
Excavator Operator
Ferrous metals 
Final Trim - Laser Levels 
Fixed Plant 
Fluidized bed applications
Forklift Operator 
Formwork Carpenter 
General Management
Grader Operator
Haul Truck Operator
Industrial water treatment

IT & Technology 
Leading Hand
Light metals
Machine Operator 
Mechanical Fitter
Mobile Plant Fitter
Mobile Plant Operator
Non-ferrous metals
Paste backfilling
Plant Operator
Poly Welder 
Prime Mover Driver
Process analysers
Process automation 
Project Engineer 
Project Manager
Retail Assistant
Retail Manager
Safety Advisor
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Side Boom Operator
Steel Fixer 
Sulfuric acid plants
Surface Wheel Loader Operator
TA - Trades Assistant

Tailings treatment
Telescopic Handler Operator
Tower Crane Operator
Traffic Control
Traffic Management
Underground Mining
Water Cart Operator
And many more
Most employers and recruiters decide between six (6) and sixty (60) seconds into reading your Cover Letter or CV, Résumé if they will continue to invest time and read more or MOVE ON, hit the delete key, 86 it or File 13 it in the recycling or trash and move on to the next application.

You only get one chance at a first impression!

A TARGETED CV Résumé can dramatically increase the quantity ​of call backs and interview invitations you receive.
 Interview Tips from FIFO STAFF

  1. Be on time! Arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time
  2. Listen, Listen and Listen some more! 
  3. Answer questions on target, stay on task don’t ramble or drift off subject
  4. During the interview, be authentic. engage and maintain eye contact as much as possible
  5. Your attire should reflect the position you aspire to.
  6. Don't view the interview as an interrogation, view it as you are talking professionally with a colleague 
  7. Adopt a positive approach and use positve language. Do not bad mouth previous employers
  8. Impress with your presence and interpersonal skills
  9. Demonstrate your appropiate skills, qualifications for the role and knowledge of the industry
  10. Emphasize why you specifically have the skills and abilities that make you, in particular, the right candidate for the opportunity.
  11. Express your interest and commitment by asking questions about the role, contract, tender or company and area of responsibility.

FIFO STAFF   Writing Services

Most employers and recruiters decide between six(6) and sixty(60) seconds into reading your Cover Letter or CV, Résumé if they will continue to invest time and read more or MOVE ON, hit the delete key,
86 it or File 13 it in the recycling or trash.

A TARGETED CV Résumé can dramatically increase the quantity ​​of call backs and interview
​invitations you receive.
  1. Formworker - NT.
    Fast service and excellent results. Top Bloke!
    Formworker - NT.
  2. Mobile Plant Operator - W.A.
    Thank you Dave, I fly out next Wednesday, FIFO 2/2
    Mobile Plant Operator - W.A.
  3. CMO
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    Alicia Stewark
  4. CMO
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    Alicia Stewark